ChangeLog - 8/8/17

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    Alright, quite a bit of things have changed in the past week so i thought i'd write them all down here and also give some insight to what will be added in the near future.

    Things that have been Added/Changed:
    1. New Spawn (Very Obviously)
    2. Added in New Cop and Druggie Ranks to make an "End Game" harder to achieve
    3. Fixed all regions that cops shouldn't be able to enter
    4. Added in multiple ways to enter the drug room (Look around spawn and plots for Banners with a pineapple on them)
    5. Added DCCrates to the buycraft
    6. The PvP area has been improved, there are now two areas (Desert and a sort of ruined Pos-Apocalyptic type area)
    7. Changed the Jump pads at spawn to be portals that now instantly teleport you to the selling room (No more 3 second timer)
    Those are a few of the things, just the major improvement/additions.

    Things that We are planning to add in the next few days are:
    1. Money for PvP kills (Killing someone will take a % from their bal)
    2. The top floor of the shop will be a command/kit shop (You'll be able to buy kits and colored nicknames and such)
    3. More benefits for cops
    There are some other things that will be added and improved on this week but that's the majority of it.
  2. OverwatchBan

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    EDIT: 1. money for pvp kills HAS been added
    2. top floor of the shop has command/kits

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